Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Holiday, A Party and A Lot of Love.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. The Shop hit a huge milestone... 150 Sales!!!!

I was ecstatic but I didn't have my Soldier to share in the celebration. This week however I was given the best gift. A Full week with my husband. Cold outside, warm cozy hotel to lounge in and lots of time and laughs. Being a Military spouse gives you a different perspective on time... apart, together and all the rest that we call marriage. So I am taking every minute and holding it close.
The Shop is still in full swing, amazing scarves and washsets, but being in a hotel makes it hard to mail out orders mostly because my full stock is in another state for a few more days. One thing is definite, all this love and happiness is brewing great ideas for the upcoming "holiday". Yep I am going to say it. Valentine's Day.

Reds, Pinks and lavenders are on the way. New spa sets and pretty little things to give the loves in your life.

Monday, December 13, 2010

No Shipping Fee Season

It is the last full week before Holiday madness kicks into full swing. What is so great about that? Well the Shop is going to help out by deleting its shipping cost for all US orders. And If the order is placed this week It WILL get there before Christmas. December 17th would be the last day for that simple promise. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am thankful for so much right now. But the most is having my husband by my side for this holiday. I have had such a great year, with etsy and life, but I am anticipating a long new year. This will be our last holiday together for over a year and I am sad. But So So very happy to have him sitting next to me on the floor in a boxed up house, wine in hand, watching movies on tv (the only furniture in the house) and taking every moment in. 

Bitter sweet has a new and more meaningful definition to me right now. Every minute counts. 

Love the ones you are with and Thank them this week and the next.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Loving The Front Page

At 9am today the front page happened.
This treasury called Home for the Holidays is so much fun to look at. 

Thanks to twirlaway for making this treasury and getting on the front page.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hanukkah is coming! to the front page

A Treasury that featured Hanukkah or Chanukah as its holiday theme. This Treasury made it to the Front page On November 17, 2010 at 6:00pm.
I Must Thank Alovelythinghappened for the feature

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stay Put or Leave...

My husband is in the Army and getting ready for a deployment... meaning he will be gone, we will be apart for over a year. And with that huge obstacle we have made a few decisions about "what to do with me". We laugh cause its like trying to figure out who will be dog sitting. We discussed whether I would stay "home" which at the time is Kentucky or if I would go "home" which really isn't my home but is where most of my immediate family lives. It was a lot to decide.

Stay put with all our things and house, but be alone without my husband or move to my sisters, out of my home, away from most of my creature comforts and bed, but have company and family for support. So we have decided that the best (not easiest) thing to do was go home.

As Thanksgiving approaches and the busy holiday shopping picks up, I am knee deep in paper to wrap dishes and sorting through clothes to take, box or give away. My husbands gear is spread out amongst the chaos and scarf orders are getting mailed. I just wish there was a way to freeze time and keep him with me longer as well as put all these boxes in a corner and never need them.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

giddy on the front page

So Great when you see your self on the front page of etsy. This was Last month and there are a few more. 

by tuckooandmoocow

Monday, November 1, 2010

Infinitely Cotton

I have been adding new colors to this collection. Some Bright and a few Deep & Savory colors.

The best part about the Collection is its versatility. Wearing one scarf long and loose or looping it several times to create a soft and warm collar. Or take two scarves and wear them together. Love how this scarf looks good on everyone. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's a Party

Not mine, but I love going to them. An Amazing lady and new found friend is celebrating her Blogs birthday and thought what better way to celebrate then with Friends and give them something great in return for coming back to her blog time and time again.

I seek out her blog when ever I need a dose of reality and laughter mixed into one. Her about Me page describes herself and what you will find in her posts really well. So be prepared for the silly giggles and head nodding to occur when you read how she describes her day, her marriage and her daughter. Cracks me up.

So here is her link to the best party this year. Best? How can that be? Well she is giving away a gift certificate for and also a discount for the shop. So Yeah THE BEST party of the year.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

working & treasuries

Yarn everywhere and still the dishes need to be done. In an effort to balance more of my home life, etsy shop life and Me time, I am taking minutes where I can. One of those minutes has been to create Treasuries. These are so much fun to make and create something visually appealing. It gives me the opportunity to showcase things, artists I find amazing, appealing and beautiful, to friends, family and everyone who wants to click on it and take a peak into my world. The World of Handmade. 

Here is the list of this weeks Treasuries Hope you enjoy...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Silver Celebration!!!

With Silver and Sparkles I couldn't wait to get my hands on this yarn and create something smooth, soft, light weight and magical. Hopefully the magic happens when you put this Scarf/Necklace on and dance all night. 

Go to My Etsy Shop to see the rest of the infinity collection and look out for more Chain Necklaces in the next few weeks 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Sister Scarf

The Cutest Custom order ever. These little darlings were at the request of a mom whose scarf kept getting taken and played with. So glad she asked me to make these mini and delightful versions of her scarf.
All Pink Organic cotton scarves. The part that really made these scream adorable..  the wood button. Which Mom had asked for specifically. Love the detail and the fact that the button can be moved in the future as the girls grow.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Boo! Did I scare you?

Halloween is coming, it really is. As a child this event was the highlight of the year, other then birthdays of course. Who could resist dressing up and having one night to get all the candy your plastic pumpkin bucket could handle. 
 Now as a "grown up" things haven't changed much, unless you count the trading in of a bucket full of candy for a Large glass of wine (personal favorite) and still getting dressed up for the party or just to frighten the kids when they come to your door. 
 This year we are still discussing the Costume situation but I thought I would get into the mood of the season with something small and simple. Cold air is flowing through my window what more of a reason do you need to pick up a pumpkin Spiced anything at the nearest coffee joint. So I made an accessory to go with those seasonal coffees and keep your hands warm and cozy too.

Coffee Cozies are in the Shop.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Following Nature

I am on a mission to create some thing as wonderful as this butterfly. I shared this beauty on my Army Wife Living blog, but the more I look at the photos the more I want to recreate the depth, the subtle blues and shimmer on the wings. 

Now if only I can find the perfect yarn.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Finding great things to make

From new recipes to Scarves. I love to create and share what I make. Cooking fits the bill perfectly. Plating it up making it pretty and then seeing everything on the plate disappear with a happy crowd on the other side. It is so nice. The other nice thing. When Someone purchase one of my Scarves.

A few pictures of great creations that have sold

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Featuring Ecolissa

A few months ago I started to change my shop on etsy and the direction it was taking. The Short version, Organic and Vegan Designs. I love working with Organic Cotton creating scarves and bath/kitchen sets. With this change I felt it would be amazing to feature shops on Etsy or Online that represented Eco-friendly and Vegan alternatives for Fashion and Home accessories.

I am thrilled to introduce you to my first Featured Shop

An Online Store featuring Eco-friendly and Vegan Fashions. Melissa Dion has pulled together some amazing designers.  EcoSkin, Elroy, Smartglass, Indigenous to name a few. Dresses, denim, tops and Jewelry. 

What I love most about ecolissa... Melissa gives you all the details. Designers information and materials used. Then She goes a step further with a Blog, detailing the shops journey from idea to fruition. 

Ecolissa has extended an amazing discount to my readers. All you have to do is apply this discount code to your checkout process. tehlia20 20% off entire order. One time use. Cannot be combined w/ other discounts. Ecolissa only charges $5 for shipping in the US

Be sure to stop by browse through all the categories and don't forget the discount code

* photos and logo courtesy of
* I was not paid or given any items in exchange for this feature.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coffee Cozy Thing-a-ma-bob

I made these a few months ago for a, my first, wholesale order. The owner of a coffee shop was tired of seeing her Paper cozies go out the door never to return for recycling. So she asked me to make a few that would perhaps help people see that the alternative to paper is a washable reusable personal coffee sleeve.
Here is the Gallery of Cozies I made for her shop. Facebook Album.

School colors. Sports Fan. Or just your favorite color.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Custom Request *I smile everytime

I am Excited about the Custom orders I have been receiving. One Person is way ahead of the game and has completed all her Christmas Shopping buy having Custom Mini Spa sets made in every color under the Rainbow. Washcloth, Facial scrubby and Bath puff.  

The other Request is for 2 mini scarves for two very lucky little girls. These should turn out so adorable. Simple Button closures that will allow the scarves to be worn for years to come. Moving from a Scarf to Scarflette as the girls grow.

What makes custom orders so great? To me it means Someone came across my Etsy Shop and liked something so much that they just had to have it in their favorite colors. Or make it out of a particular Yarn, in a certain size or to match there kitchen. The Other thing... they trust me. I am always flattered when I receive an Email message from etsy with the words in the title of the email, "Custom request?" It always makes my day.

If this has you thinking about a scarf you saw New or Sold. A kitchen or spa set that you imagine in a different color, simple send me a message in my Etsy Shop and I will be more then Happy to make it for you.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Custom Scarf Giveaway

Army Wife Living is giving away an Infinitely Cotton Scarf.
Olive Green All cotton Scarf. 

Go to Army Wife Living for the giveaway and details on how to enter.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ok it is settled

I Tried another route but I wasn't feeling it and it seemed a bit confusing to others. So I am HERE and stay HERE. Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to hear your thoughts and of course I welcome anyone who would like to follow this blog.

This blog will soon have all it's Bells and Whistles, but for now I just wanted to Introduce myself and give you a brief layout of what you can expect. 

My Name is Tehlia. I am the original Creator and Designer for I make Custom and Original Scarves and Spa items using crochet, as well as Upcycled, Re-purposed items (soon to come) All by Hand. I have been crocheting for over 10 years and as of February 2010 decided to open my first Shop on Etsy. Business has been great and I have learned a lot in this short time. One thing I have discovered is where I want my shop to go. In terms of style, product, items and meaning. When I started I just wanted to get my creations out to the public. And of course I wanted things to sell. Then I began to see that I, although small and one person, have an impact and leave a mark. That I am in complete control of what I put out into the world and want to make sure that what I produce is contributing in a better way. Whether it be Earth friendly or locally made and purchased I know I can change things in my shop and studio one scarf at a time.

So although my shop has started off a little All-Over-The-Place I have found where it needs to go. And where it will go is a work in progress. Slowly, as certain items sell, I will be replacing them with 100% Organic and Vegan, Yarns and materials. The other addition will be eco-friendly, Upcycled and Repurposed household accessories.

I plan to also feature Beautiful and Unique Handmade creations by Designers and Artists. From jewelry, art, apparel and more. There maybe a Foodie Article or two.

Beyond being artistic, crafty and constantly surrounded by what I love to do, I am also a wife to a Military Man and love him completely. My house exists as a world with two realities. One reality is The Army. Military gear everywhere, books about guns, kevlar, camouflage uniforms and of course Bacon cooking at least once a day (he is not vegan or on a rawfood diet). Then amongst all of that you will find the other world, a fridge and pantry full of Veggies, fruits, nuts and nothing processed. There is Yarn, a sewing machine, vegan and raw food cookbooks, yoga mats and a Buddha statue or two. Our Two worlds working together,  throw in love and there you have it... reality.

So, I am a 30 something former Air Force Brat, now Army Wife and I try to live life in the moment when ever the Army lets me. I am a Raw food fanatic, Yoga lady who loves creating new recipes, Scarf and home accessory designer and lets not forget Red Wine enthusiast.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Collection Opening Day

The Infinity Scarf Collection. 

Finally have enough completed to open the Section in the shop and get some posted. 
The Infinity Scarf also known as an Eternity Scarf or even a Cowl is one item that I love. Not only to make but to wear. This collection has 3 different styles. 

Infinitely Cotton is casual, All cotton. A very Soft versatile scarf that can be warm Fall, Winter and Spring. Long and loose or Looped several times to create a cowl or collar of warmth. 

Infinite Fashion has a different side. A more dressed up multiple personality Cowl or Capelet. 
Whether it is tied loose with a small bow or pulled tight creating a collar, it remains soft and cozy. I am busy working on other colors for this collection and hope to have a few more to add in just a few weeks.

And finally The Seattle. A mixture of Cotton and Cotton/silk fibers. This scarf is light weight. Perfect for Year round wear. The Seattle will make an appearance in the shop a few weeks from now. I am gathering different colors to complete this collection.
The Shop of Lovelies

Visit the Shop on Etsy or the fanpage on Facebook to see all the pictures of scarves to come

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Work Space Smirkspace

Doing my daily rounds this morning -  Coffee, breakfast for the Soldier and then dishes, followed by email, facebook fanpage updates, checking etsy and then twitter. Wash and Repeat.

While on twitter today, saying good morning and seeing what friends have to share I came across Froggy Girl Designs and a new Blog post and link up that she is doing called Dishin' About Business. A way to share and inspire the creative Handmade Business ideas, work spaces, issues and tips. This weeks Dish, what does your work space REALLY look like and how do you stay creative?

Well My work space is a little different then most. Whether I am about to create a New scarf, picking out colors for the next washcloth set or Planning this Falls Scarf collection, I start off on the floor.

Yes this is my room I call is my Studio. No chairs, just the floor
I do have a desk (see next picture) but really that might only hold the laptop while I watch a soap or TV show on Hulu and a few odds and ends as well as a buddha statue and finished products before labels get added. So the Floor is were I work best. I purchased a plastic mat that was meant to be under a treadmill or exercise equipment, But I saw it as a place to lay out my yarn with out worry of getting carpet *stuff, fuzz what not, on the yarn or newly finished items.

The Floor allows me to spread out, draw up plans and sketch out ideas on a Dry erase board. I can see all my projects at once. Which I usually have three or four going at one time. Along with custom orders and the next great idea looming in another corner. 

I have tried to work at my desk but I feel boxed in and pulled away from my Yarn and paper. I like to be in the thick of it. That is what keeps me motivated and coming back for more. It's like being a writer, in order to be a writer you must write. Well to have a handmade business you must create and doing it daily, in some form, is a great way to stay motivated. For me being on the floor helps me with that. Keeps me in touch with what I do.

The hardest part about Owning your own Handmade business, You are a one woman show.  My room is a self contained, production studio, photography studio, labeling and packaging world. So once an item is finished I stretch over to a small table, set up my Items and take pictures. I then plug my camera into my computer and while waiting for pictures to load I start in on the  next crocheted item. When my fingers get tired from crocheting I edit the photos and when my eyes start to see double or I can't tell whether it is a great angle I return to my yarn. And don't worry I don't crawl around to do all of this, there are random moments of more coffee or tea getting, some yoga poses and impromptu dancing to a random 80's song that pops on the radio. Plus, lunch for the soldier when he gets home along with Laundry, dusting, dinner and more emails. Not to mention a blog post and visit to the post office. Did I mention I was a one woman show?

Hope you join the link up and share your creative space with us.

Friday, July 23, 2010

This Could Get Messy

I am trying to start a Collection.

It feels like a big word. A word that I only know to use for fashions done by a designer say for the fall/winter season of a certain year. Something exclusive and something beautiful with a theme or idea that ties them all together. So I am going to attempt to do a Collection. A work of fashion and design. All while trying to hold off on putting any of them in the shop until all the pieces are ready. Wish me luck.

But I will give some sneak peaks and glimpses in this process that is a first for me. One thing I need to figure out is what to call this Collection. It involves natural products, organic yarns and the shape of a cowl-infinity-eternity (what ever you wish to call it) Scarf. I would love to hear any ideas you may have for a name, who knows maybe it could be a contest. Thinking about that. But while I think, here is the first half of the first Infinity Scarf

For the first Infinity Scarf I settled on Natural Organic Undyed Cotton.
*This Scarf will be apart of the Fall winter collection for 2010

To see more photos of this Scarf visit the Fanpage album on face book.

The Girl Creative

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Custom orders

Sorry for the absence and lack of Etsy Treasury Finds.

My excuse... Custom orders. Three to be exact and I am loving every minute. Although when I first opened my shop I was a little apprehensive to take on Custom orders. How would I quote a price and How would I know what to do? Well that fear went out the window when I was first contacted and now when the requests come in I am just as excited as the first. A key part to custom orders is Communication and asking lots and I mean LOTS of questions. 

My fear (before I actually received a custom request) was that I would translate what was being asked of me wrong. But when it happened I found that I naturally wanted to please and know EXACTLY what they wanted.

The most recent custom orders have been so great to come across. One order that was recently mailed out was a custom scarf, 100% cotton and ORGANIC. Jen from Itty Bitty Bag on etsy had an exact color and scarf style that she liked but kindly asked if I could make it in Organic cotton. Of course I jumped at it. Working with Organic Cotton was a dream and I am hoping to convert my entire shop over.

Custom order Coffee Cup Cozies

But doing that will have to wait for two reasons. I received my First Wholesale order. For a coffee shop in Washington. Coffee cup cozies and I am so Excited. She only asked that I include a variety but to make sure I get the local High schools colors in. And the Other was a Scarf, one of my very first custom scarves, Wrap me in bacon, has come up again and looks like I a making two versions of that mind boggling work of wearable art/breakfast delight.
Custom order Wrap me in BACON

Moral of this story. Don't fear custom orders. Only great things can happen.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting started on Etsy part2

Part 2 of Getting started on Etsy. 

You have found Your Etsy name (from part 1). You shouted it from the roof tops and have gotten your friends involved. Now to building your Shop. First would be your Policies and Profile. 

When I first started I didn't have much. I had simple policies, paypal payments, shipping and return options. Very simple and very short. But as items sold and as I came across small things that could have happened but didn't I decided to put more detail into my policies. I didn't want to make it overly complicated but I wanted it to be clear and cover most scenarios. I also Copied that entire page and include it in my invoice that gets sent with the item to the customer. The biggest thing I left out, explaining that Handmade items can have unique attributes and inconsistencies. Second to that was My custom order return policy. You can decide what is best for you. But for myself I decided that once production and deliver was done there would not be returns on Custom orders.

With my Profile I was mixed up a bit. I had half of my profile on the Announcement page and then the other half written in my actual profile. The Profile was pretty plain just explaining my items and how long I had been making things. Once I realize I was too spread out I condensed the Profile page and included a bit of a personal touch to it. But with all things I am still working on it. 

The great thing about getting my front page, Announcement space, cleared up I was able to put information that was meant to go there. Announce new items, sales or a little blurp about a particular product. It also made it short enough so that when you first come to the page you could see my featured items just enough to know that you can scroll down further on the page. Now I present myself with a challenge everytime I change the announcement to see how small I can make it but with enough detail you want to see the start of the store. 

So watch your spelling, make small changes and put the bulk of your info in your profile and policies. Let people get to the reason they came to your shop. To Shop!!!

*Just a small note. I don't claim to be an expert just giving you what I have found and tried or learned as of yet.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oranges and Avocados

Orange you glad I didn't say Avocado?

Created this etsy treasury with those two colors. Some combined and others just the basic colors on their own. I started with a search for all things orange until I came across this pendent Made by Sparkle Peach
The softness of the colors with the orange I like and a deep grey green reminding me of avocados.
On the hunt for something orange What better then a Flower. This Pumpkin colored Rosette hair clip made by The Mustard Seed Co caught my eye. Loved that is was displayed in a picture frame.
I have been thinking of Felting but have so many other things going on, I felt *wink, I should leave it to the Professionals. Here is an Avocado colored Felt Bowl 
And fantastically enough it has Orange on it as well.
And finally the very last Item I found tugged at my heart after just losing my little Man Jeffery Dog I saw this and couldn't resist. Emily Chen Of MChen created this Woof 8x10 print and Well he is just adorable.

Come by The etsy treasury and see all the beautiful colors.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chocolate Skies

I have been craving chocolate lately and perhaps it is because I have been working with a lot of chocolate browns. I started making this washcloth set a few days ago and now all I want to do is make more chocolate brown themed things...                Instead I made another etsy treasury. 

Chocolate Espresso Brown and Earth Tones Washcloth set 

The flow of this dress is eye catching.
 Made By After Hour Shop 

Adorn with Beauty also known as Restored Beauty has a way with displaying her jewelry with household items that really catch your eye, this Necklace with a Cup but check out her use of Ball Glass jars in the rest of her shop.

And Beadin Babe left me speechless with this ring. I just can't explain it ~

Leen the Graphics Queen wall decals. Who doesn't love waking up to birds in the morning

Hope you are inspired to take a look at nature, maybe eat a little chocolate and check out the rest of the Treasury ~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cotton on My Mind Etsy Treasury

I am addicted to all the possible ways you can create an Etsy Treasury. If you haven't made one yet, try it, I know you will love it.

Today's Features were all about Cotton and the many wonders you can created. I love working with cotton and recently made a set of Plum Purple Washcloths that I adore. Here are a few of the Featured Etsy shops from the treasury.
From Gifts and Bead Shop a headband to go with anything

From Bagitarian A lovely blue and white clutch

From Revisions an amazing necklace that seems so light and fresh.

This was a rather interesting Keyword search. I only had four criteria for adding them to the Treasury. 
100% cotton materials as the dominant Medium and
White, Plum Purple or Blue in color.

Please go to the Treasury and see all the amazing things Cotton can become.


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