Monday, November 1, 2010

Infinitely Cotton

I have been adding new colors to this collection. Some Bright and a few Deep & Savory colors.

The best part about the Collection is its versatility. Wearing one scarf long and loose or looping it several times to create a soft and warm collar. Or take two scarves and wear them together. Love how this scarf looks good on everyone. 


The Empress said...

Im mad you have your own labels that's frackin awsome, did you get them done or did you print them off yourself?

tehlia said...

:) Be mad!!! Love it.
I made them. I used (the collage) option, leaving out pictures I plugged in name, description. Then I print them on Address lables, Large for the scarves.

I do it for all of my things now. Wash cloths have their own labels too. I just need to get fabric labels made to place on the scarves permanently. Baby Steps.


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