Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Newest

I have to say this week has been amazing and it is only half over. I can't believe what wonderful friends, family and fans I have. Truly grateful. 

This weekend was a moment of new creations and new memories.  The best one was completing an item and posting it on Etsy Sunday afternoon and having it Sold Wednesday Morning. Things are grand. The set was a Spa set that I pondered over for quite some time. The question was pattern. Whether to have a stripe, two stripes, no stripes or all stripes. Nothing was coming, so I stopped thinking and started crocheting.

Washcloths were something I knew I wanted in the Set. But what else, Facial cloths or a bath puff, what about a hand towel? Still working on the washcloth when I settled on Facial Scrubbies and a hand towel. The Hand towel came out great with a stripe on either end, I was so happy with the texture.

Then the facial scrubbies. What a fun thing to create. Sweet circles of Cottony goodness. I wanted them to be small enough to handle but large enough to get the job done. That apparently felt right at about 2.5 inches wide. And to my delight the texture was outstanding. One side was smooth and great for wiping away eye make-up, the other textured side perfect exfoliating. 

The best part was noticing that Cotton balls were never going to be purchased in my home again. The entire set is machine washable and Dry. And the facial scrubbies got better and better with every use and wash.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making things happen

I Made It!!!

This week I have been perfecting Laundry detergent making.
The great search for all the items was in the end, easy. Once I realized that I could use any All Natural Vegetable based Soap the hunt was over. The detergent was the topping of the cake for me. The past few weeks I have been trying to save money and be more thrifty, frugal and inventive with my everyday cleaning. Here is the recipe and grand adventure that lead to Homemade ALL natural Laundry Soap.

First Making Washcloths. I crochet Scarves and sell on etsy. Recently I started to create Washcloth sets. Hoping to save myself money and get rid of the sponge in the Kitchen sink but also to add to my Shop of Lovelies...
Then the Laundry soap happened. Why make these lovely things to only have them ruined with residue build up and chemical soaps.

1 cup Borax

 1 cup Washing Soda

 1 Bar of soap, grated with a cheese grater or food procesor

Then in a container mix all ingredients together. You will only need 1 scoop of detergent 1 TBSP Only.

I have a front loading machine and it (powdered) work great and cleans so amazingly. Everything comes out so fresh and Clean. Even My Husbands Army Uniforms which are usually covered in Dirt and gun powder. This soap is gentle enough for babies yet tough enough for soldiers.

Can't wait to think of a clever name and add it to my shop of lovelies 

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Annivesary!!! No Shipping

Three Months ago I stepped Way out of my comfort zone and Started a Business.

Life took its turns, Ups and Downs, Sad and Happy. But with great friends and a Great Husband I was able to get through it and come around to this amazing thing that I am creating. But with that comes great Gratitude for all those that help me. That encourage me and Share in my dream. As a thank you for being a part of my ever expanding horizon I wanted to do something to Celebrate. So For the next FOUR weeks there is no shipping fee within the United States. 

Thank you Again for being so great.

And now the Shop has an Official Dot Com address and so much more to come.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's in a Name?

The Shop has Officially gotten a Domain Name. The Shop of Lovelies . com . I am so excited. But in getting that name I had to change a few things to include a lot of photos and fliers that I had already printed up for a show I am doing in June. My excitement sometimes get the best of me. But here is what the Etsy Banner looks like...

Then in the midst of all the excitement about the shop and my first public showing, my dad is visiting. So I am hoping to show him around my new home and state while entertaining him a bit and balancing this whole new world of Entreprenuer Etsy Handmade and Blogging business thing. But I love it and my father is so excited for me and my newest adventure.

All of this excitement has seemed to spark an even bigger fire of creating. The latest is Laundry soap, among the washcloths that are moving along and the scarves that are getting attention. Oh and a great person The Mother, as she calls herself, from Little Boy Green has asked if I would like to place an Etsy Badge on her blog. She was intregued with my Reusable, machine washable washcloths and felt it went right along with her theme of creating a better world for her son and all of us together. She has great stories, lots of humor and life challenge of helping LBG (little boy green, her son) with his sensitive skin. She was also the push I needed and Supplier of the recipe I am using for my laundry soap obsession, To really get my house moving further in the Handmade Homemade, more efficient and money saving place. Can't wait to test out my New Laundry Soap it smells So Amazing.

And lastly, Washcloths are popping up in truly amazing colors. Here are a few new pictures of them in all their Glory.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Derby Weekend

Derby weekend, Rain, parties and projects.

Huge thunderstorms, flash flooding and so much more. But The Race Must Go On!!!

The Big O and I went to a friends house Saturday for the Big Derby party and a 4 year olds birthday party as well.

Our Friend Mrs. C had made an amazing Derby hat, Red flowering extravaganza, paired with the prettiest white sundress, yellow shrug and a red rose broach pinned the waist of the dress. Only disappointing thing... I forgot my camera. Hoping she posts a picture very soon so I can "borrow" it to show you all how lovely she looked.

Soon the Newly turned 4 year olds party was over Little C had a blast and I was really excited to give her my gift. She has discovered painting and art. Little C really connects with what she is doing so I ran with that and gave her a pack of small canvas squares with paints of her own. She even has an easel set up downstairs in an Art studio in the House. Very lucky little girl.

This was my first Derby anything, party, watching and of course drinking. It was all the excitement of the Super Bowl. Food and drinks over flowing, betting and commercial watching. Then the race began and as soon as it started it was over. But the party continued on along with the good Cheer.

My project this weekend, other then watching several Million dollars run around a track was to create 4 Bath Puffs.

This Custom Order was for 2 sage green puffs and 2 black with beige puffs. Very excited to mail them out.

Derby photos from This Site. Great pictures and a few celebrities.


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