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Organic and Vegan Items... Here is what The Shop holds Today. 

All Cotton Vegan and Organic Cotton Scarves
Washcloths and Spa items
Cotton and Vegan Fiber Jewelry 

I began making laundry detergent because of a want to have a clean ALL Natural laundry soap that was cost efficient and chemical free but would still clean my Husbands Army uniforms. The same uniforms that get rolled in mud and lived in for days at a time. When I found a recipe that worked I told My Husband all about it and he loved the fact that he would no longer smell like a perfumed flower arrangement and even better, the low cost of it. For weeks after making this soap we talked about naming it. One evening he came home from a Week out in the field training in the dirt and mud. I watched him as he stripped down in the garage and said “you are so Dirty” he responded back with, “you should see my Joes, they are DIRTY.” And there it was Dirty Joe Soaps was born.

From Handmade Kitchen items to Home Decor. All things Traditional Tattoo style with simple clean designs and a Retro Modern feel, if that is possible. Handmade creations from hand Stamping, stenciling and Screen printing all designs made by hand and applied by hand.


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