Sunday, January 8, 2012

Highlights After The Move

Since moving to wordpress things are getting interesting and changes are occurring everyday. I am working on two etsy shops, making new things daily and getting ready to take classes on how to create websites for others.

Would love it if you stopped by, say hello and joined in on some of conversations. From creating scarves for Valentine's Day to army life and preparing for a life without the army.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Thank You Note

When we make with our hands. So much of ourselves becomes a part of the piece. When we give with our hands a piece of us goes with it. I create things because I have to. Something in me starts to brew, an idea, a vision and I have to get it out. 

And when that something happens at the same time an order is placed it's like a lightening strike. The stars align and things just flow. 
I make for myself, for others. I create for my mind and spirit. It truly makes me happy to take something and turn it into a new something. Yarn that is simply fibers spun and turning it into a scarf, washcloth, art. Taking stone, hard cold stone and putting a story on it, giving it life.
How does all this self fulfillment benefit you? When an order is placed I work on it. Not thinking about how much money I made, how this looks for my stats. I think of who it is for, who will enjoy it and how it will be used. I think of how to package it, making a gift even if the purchase is not intended as a gift. I put joy into the item. Never thinking of a negative while I work. I truly love what I create and that love is in every piece.

I am certain other crafters in every form feel the same thing. They make because something in them drives them to do it. And they give because something in them wants to share that love, that desire with others. 

So whether you make food for your family, jams during the holidays to give to friends, run a handmade business or simply support those that do. I thank you, thank you for supporting... love, life and a need to create.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Items in the Shop

Hi There, It has been a while but The shop continues on with a few new and very exciting changes. 

In the NEW SHOP on etsy there are the usual suspects, but I have found a new Coaster that deserves a little spotlight. 

 Tile coasters in SLATE. You know the old chalkboard, black slate that you had to write on in Grade School. Well here are its mini twins. I was so excited when I saw these and immediately thought of white ink.

Stop by the shop and see all the Designs available on these amazing SLATE tiles.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Organic Baby

Wash cloths for the Organic Cotton Fans. I worked on new stitches this summer and finally found one that looked great, felt great and made a pretty excellent wash cloth. They have a wave to them, a textured bubbled type of a wave. Now lets talk COTTON. 

Have I mentioned that I love cotton. I have in the past used Acrylics and wools. Wools leave me itchy and Acrylic well it feels like acrylic, insanely silky smooth and soft but when I work with it and hear a slight squeaking as it passes my fingers, I just don't think something that lays on your body or gets you clean should make noise. Making myself laugh as I type this, now all I think of is the saying "squeaky clean" funny. 

This Cotton is ORGANIC, soft, plush smooth and squeak free. The yarn is spun (not by me, still have to learn that skill) on the looser side of most cotton yarns. That looseness gives it a feel that is hard to explain, like the soft fluffy feel of cotton balls, the really good ones on the top self.

Right now the shop has Mix and Match Set of 3 available. You pick the colors to either give as a gift for a new baby on the way or and this one I love... keep for yourself and make that bath even better.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Items and a New shop

The past 6 months have been a whirlwind of ups and downs and a lot of moving. My Husband who is in the Army and was Deployed to Afghanistan came home after only being gone for 3 months due to an explosion. He is getting better with every passing day. And with that came upheavals, stress questions, worry and slowing down on the shop and life in general. 

As everyday passed that my husband started to recover so did my creative juices and finding that a new (additional) shop with a new start and new items that had been created out of a darker time needed to spring up. The New shop is called The Forks and carries handmade items for Kitchen and Home.
Coasters and Tea Towels with handmade prints and designs
The Forks, the name for the hopeful farm and business came about quite simply. A few years back a person bent a fork creating a cuff and gave it to his friend. Then slowly all his friends had a fork. The forks became a bonding, a link, a reminder. Great times, friends and places. Years have gone by and although there is land or oceans separating us, the forks are still bound together. What better way to honor friendship and memories then to name a dream after something cherished. 

The Forks Farm also has a Blog chronicling the process of dreaming and planning a small family farm as well as cultivating a business from scratch. is still going and will be adding new items very soon. From Fiber Jewelry, organic Spa items, to one of a kind baby beanies.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Organic Shapes Made From Hemp

I purchased some Hemp Twine yesterday and stared at it for some time before I took a hook to it. I knew I wanted to work with it but I had no idea what it would become. Another minute passed and I picked it up with a larger hook and began working in a circle. Thinking to myself...

"This could be a bowl, a little decorative thing, misshapen and art like
or what about a sweet little coaster."

At first I thought a coaster might be to simple. It might be something that people would just go to Cost Plus (World Market) or Pier One. It might not be something that sells.

Then I started to take a few pictures of them and decided they looked good. They had character that a machine can't produce and are not only unique due to the non use of patterns but also organic and natural in material and shape.

Making a few more sets and then adding these Organic Coasters to the shop.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Vegan Valentine, why cotton?

Why not cotton?
The reason I choose to work with mostly if not all cotton is personal. When I first started crocheting I began with a blanket for my unborn nephew and I chose Cotton. Searching through all the yarn and touching each roll I kept going back to the cotton section. Kept touching it and even holding a roll as I walked back to the other yarn sections. 
I love the way it feels smells and works. I tried, about a year ago, to use wool, alpaca blends and other blends I loved the colors they came in and some of the different textures. But the one thing I didn't like, it turned me into an alpaca when I was done working, hairs and fibers all over me and my studio. The other issue, I was left a little itchy. So I stopped working with it. And decided if it bothers me then it must bother other people. So my shop inadvertently became vegan. *many people have wool allergies
My favorite cotton of course is organic and that can be pricey. But the quality, look, feel and smell, yes smell its subtle but there, is one hundred times better. Getting my shop into 100% organic is a challenge. The bright colors I love don't always come in organic cottons. So I try when I can to work it into my designs and scarves. But for now you can know that animal blends will not be in my shop.


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