Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Thank You Note

When we make with our hands. So much of ourselves becomes a part of the piece. When we give with our hands a piece of us goes with it. I create things because I have to. Something in me starts to brew, an idea, a vision and I have to get it out. 

And when that something happens at the same time an order is placed it's like a lightening strike. The stars align and things just flow. 
I make for myself, for others. I create for my mind and spirit. It truly makes me happy to take something and turn it into a new something. Yarn that is simply fibers spun and turning it into a scarf, washcloth, art. Taking stone, hard cold stone and putting a story on it, giving it life.
How does all this self fulfillment benefit you? When an order is placed I work on it. Not thinking about how much money I made, how this looks for my stats. I think of who it is for, who will enjoy it and how it will be used. I think of how to package it, making a gift even if the purchase is not intended as a gift. I put joy into the item. Never thinking of a negative while I work. I truly love what I create and that love is in every piece.

I am certain other crafters in every form feel the same thing. They make because something in them drives them to do it. And they give because something in them wants to share that love, that desire with others. 

So whether you make food for your family, jams during the holidays to give to friends, run a handmade business or simply support those that do. I thank you, thank you for supporting... love, life and a need to create.

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