Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Quality Control Manager

My Husband has taken on the title of Quality Control in the Spa Department

I LOVE making these amazing washcloths and spa sets. My Husband got really excited about them too. Don't tell him you know, but he loves to take baths. If given the chance he would take a bath every hour. To bad he has to work and be all Army guy most of the day. So when I made my first washcloth he had to test it out. Now if he, who is rough on most things didn't break this cloth, then you have to know it is strong. But don't be fooled, his tough exterior only makes him that much more sensitive. The Big O said he loved the texture and how it was soft on his skin. 

Then came the Bath Puff. Loved this part. The Big O put a huge dollop of liquid soap on it scrubbed it with his hands and then started cleaning. He was asking me questions as he bathed, yelling from the tub...


"So this is the same as those Plastic puff things?"
yes the same in design.
"But those things start to smell."
Yes they do
"So if this is yarn we can wash them in a few days?"
Exactly. Wash them and put them in the drier. That way they get clean and won't have that smell the Nylon Puffs get. 
Then splashing and bubbles continued. It was nice to see The Big O take an interest in my craft, even if it was for more selfish reasons. He thoroughly enjoyed his bath.

Product Info:
All Washcloths are 100% Cotton and made for body bath or Kitchen.
They range in size from 7.75 inches up to 8 inches square. The Spa set comes with 6 items. The washcloth sets come with 4 cloths. 
They make amazing gifts for any occasion. Custom made, completely handmade. Soft and durable. Perfect for Mom or Mom to be. Babies and anyone who loves quality and sustainability. Replace those smelly sponges and Nylon puffs with a Machine washable, reusable Household Lovely.

Our Army Life is chronicled in another blog: Raw Adventures of an Army Wife

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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Scarf is Born

My ideas for the style and look of my scarves come to me at different points in my yarn hunting process. Once in a while I have an idea of what I am going to make. But the fun part is when I walk into the store without a plan.

In the store I walk around. Looking at every section of yarn available and touching every one of them. The touch is what leads me to really know what I might create with it. Whether it will be a ruffled looping mass of wonder or smooth simple scarf. Recently I found pinks.

And Now I love Pinks. I was a girl who rebelled against pink. I refused to wear it cause it was a girls color. Then sometime around my late twenties I discovered it and can't get enough. I don't have pink walls and furniture I am not that huge of a fan. My bath towels are white, my sheets are blue and my house for the most part is neutral, earth tones. But pink... I will wear all year long.

However, every now and then the FIRE wants to come out and I want people to see me coming. So Red it is.

And red is what I picked up the last time I went shopping. This go around I took my time picking the style scarf I was going to create. Would it be flat and smooth or cascading with ruffles and loops.

I couldn't decide so I made two different styles. But instead of just red I gave it a twist of Indie "rock-a-billy" flare. One scarf with its Checkered White and red stripe reminded me of Dice hanging from a classic hot rod. The other had a more subtle 1950's flare of a night at the drive-in theatre. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

WOW what a way to celebrate.

I am an Army Wife and Etsy shop Seller
I create Handmade, one-of-a-kind, Crocheted Scarves.



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Re-use, Recycle, Repurpose

What to do with the left over Yarn that won't fit into the next project and isn't enough to start a new project?

One easy way to use up old or extra yarn is making a Wash Cloth Or Dish Cloth. Not only is it helping clear out your "scarp" draw but it is a practical and technically green way 1. Save money & 2. Stop using sponges and papertowels in the kitchen or bathroom.  The "green" recycled aspect is that you can wash and re-use the cloths for anything around the house.

There are great dishcloth patterns on Sugar n' Cream, or Peaches & Creme websites.  

For the Dish Cloth I use a small needle Size H or smaller and Wash Cloths for the face and body I use a large needle like K or N. The smaller needles make a tighter stitch which makes a stiffer fabric. The larger needles make a loose stitch and a more flexible "softer" feeling Fabric.

I make them in different sizes depending on the amount of yarn and how crazy I want the pattern to be.  Something fun about them not being exactly the same. Its a little freeing to just go with what you have and not worry about it. Be creative.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Cowl

Cowl. I couldn't find a working definition for this but my own is, a completely circular scarf (tube) that sits snug or loose around the neck and has opening wide enough to pull over your head.

Some are made to be very snug perhaps only an 8 to 10 inch opening at the top and bottom (with yarn there is a bit of stretch) others are wider ranging from 11 - 18 inch opening at the top and bottom. My Cowls seem to work in around the 12-15 inch wide and 10-15 inches high. Roughly a square depending on the direction the stitches may stretch.

I made the cowls pictured out of ALL Cotton. I used Ecru (raw, unbleached) a natural almost beige colored cotton and accent with either burgundy or light blue cottons. The versatility of this scarf/cowl is great. You can pair it with a t-shirt or tank top and jeans, excellent as a pretty and warm accent to a winter coat and gloves.

I like not having to worry about where the ends of the scarf might be while I sip my coffee or grab a bite to eat. It really is a perfect "throw it on and go" kind of piece.


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