Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Re-use, Recycle, Repurpose

What to do with the left over Yarn that won't fit into the next project and isn't enough to start a new project?

One easy way to use up old or extra yarn is making a Wash Cloth Or Dish Cloth. Not only is it helping clear out your "scarp" draw but it is a practical and technically green way 1. Save money & 2. Stop using sponges and papertowels in the kitchen or bathroom.  The "green" recycled aspect is that you can wash and re-use the cloths for anything around the house.

There are great dishcloth patterns on Sugar n' Cream, or Peaches & Creme websites.  

For the Dish Cloth I use a small needle Size H or smaller and Wash Cloths for the face and body I use a large needle like K or N. The smaller needles make a tighter stitch which makes a stiffer fabric. The larger needles make a loose stitch and a more flexible "softer" feeling Fabric.

I make them in different sizes depending on the amount of yarn and how crazy I want the pattern to be.  Something fun about them not being exactly the same. Its a little freeing to just go with what you have and not worry about it. Be creative.

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