Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Cowl

Cowl. I couldn't find a working definition for this but my own is, a completely circular scarf (tube) that sits snug or loose around the neck and has opening wide enough to pull over your head.

Some are made to be very snug perhaps only an 8 to 10 inch opening at the top and bottom (with yarn there is a bit of stretch) others are wider ranging from 11 - 18 inch opening at the top and bottom. My Cowls seem to work in around the 12-15 inch wide and 10-15 inches high. Roughly a square depending on the direction the stitches may stretch.

I made the cowls pictured out of ALL Cotton. I used Ecru (raw, unbleached) a natural almost beige colored cotton and accent with either burgundy or light blue cottons. The versatility of this scarf/cowl is great. You can pair it with a t-shirt or tank top and jeans, excellent as a pretty and warm accent to a winter coat and gloves.

I like not having to worry about where the ends of the scarf might be while I sip my coffee or grab a bite to eat. It really is a perfect "throw it on and go" kind of piece.

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