Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Winner Is ___ !!!

The winner for the Custom Scarf Giveaway is...

samsstuff !!!


You have won a custom scarf. Look through my Etsy shop and Albums on Fanpage and Pick a style scarf you like. Come back to this blog and tell me which scarf will look best around your neck.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Wonderful thing are happening. Wrap me in Bacon was mentioned in another blog. She is a bacon lover, writer, cook and alaround amazing person. Check out how she feels about Bacon.

Tag you're it Tuesdays is going strong. Meeting amazing people and forming new friendships.

The Scarf Giveaway is coming to an end Today is the last day to get your name in the drawing. Good Luck

Last chance Enter the Etsy scarf Giveaway

Today is the last day to get your name in on the Custom handmade scarf give away.

You could win a scarf made in the style you like and the colors you choose.

Good Luck. Name will be draw Tomorrow March 31 2010

Custom Scarf Giveaway

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bacon Scarf Gets Featured

Wrap Me in Bacon was a custom scarf and has now been featured in You had me at Bacon

A blog written by a great woman who happens to be In Love with the Magical Swine Product. I have written about the process of making this scarf in previous posts. But was so delighted to find that she had written her own Blog Post about this amazing scarf.

Whats for Sale

The collection On etsy

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First Award!

My First Award


For my other blog

I am so beyond excited for this. Thanks so much Michelle for giving me this award.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wrap Me in Bacon Scarf is Fully cooked

Wrap Me in Bacon is complete.

Interesting scarf to make. It gave me a few headaches,  smiles and worries with the turning and switching of yarn textures and colors. But it was a battle of love. 

I used 4 different Yarns (manufacturers, colors & weights) The mixture of textures and weights of this yarn make it light, pliable and fun to wear.

Its finished Measurements turned out to be
72 inches Long
& 3 to 6 inches wide
The white and deep rose pink are both 100%cotton at a medium weight, I love the feel of cotton and if it came in every color imagined that is all I would prefer to use. The Lightest shade of pink is a cotton as well, light weight with a silky sheen to it. Camel, Plum wine and burgundy yarns are all Arylic medium weight and very soft.

This is an asymmetrical scarf, no section is the same and the colors weave throughout, starting with the darker "Meaty" area of the bacon and the lighter "fatty" parts on the opposite end.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prospects of Fall, What color scarf to make next

They named it Persimmon

Playing with colors and patterns. Not sure what to do next. I was laughing at myself while standing in front of an enormous selection of yarn and began to panic. Not because I couldn't reach something amazing on a shelf 16 feet out of reach and now I am wondering why stores do that. But more because I had no clue of what color(s) my next scarf would be. I have found that now I need to look to the future. Although I hate making plans that far ahead, Fall/Autumn is coming and I either need to buck trends and go with my gut or open a fashion magazine and do what is being shown in them (color wise). So I stood and stared until I settled on what caught my eye. Persimmon jumped out at me. Well that was the color the company decided to tell me it was.

A cross between peach, pink, salmon, but brighter, silky color all rolled into one that I suppose could be called Persimmon. I get home with it and stared at it. Usually when I walk into a yarn store I have an idea, a thought as to what I might do with a particular yarn. But this one I HAD NO CLUE. So I continue to stare. I get coffee and stare. Take a shower, come back and stare. Get the mail, go for a walk, make lunch and with each passing I stop, stare and walk away. Hoping soon I will settle on an idea, shape, pattern for this great color that Chose Me. Tomorrow could be the day, I hope, that it stands up and draws out exactly what it will become. Something great I am sure.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wrap Me in Bacon, Scarf

How The Bacon Scarf Began

On My facebook fanpage I had a message.  "I have seen many bacon scarves, but I especially like your style with the ruffly edges...wondering if you could design a bacon-esque scarf with lovely burgundy/pinks etc...?" in messages later... something feminine and pink, that I could wear almost year round.

Many messages and questions later I began to work. Bacon is a very complex creature, especially when trying to make Yarn Look like the most loved breakfast food. This lover of Bacon has also Started her own blog about the salty goodness of this sublime swine product.

I had always considered myself to be an artistic person but never thought of myself as a sculptor or much beyond paints, as an artist. And not to sound like I am bragging but I feel like I must just a little in terms of this project. I am sculpting Yarn into Food and it is looking AMAZING!!!  However it is kicking me BUTT :) I am going for realism with pinks and I have to say I love it. Once complete it will measure 70inches by 6inches at its widest point. I hope to hear that she loves it. 

Halfway Finished
Wrap Me in Bacon

Monday, March 15, 2010

Scarf Great Moment

Pretty Pink

The most fun I have while creating a Scarf, is when it is a Custom Order. Not certain what makes it greater then when making my other scarves. Perhaps it is because I know for sure that someone wants it, will love it and will be 100% ecstatic to have it. Pretty Pink was a custom color change. It is similar in size and length to the Lucky Green but (obviously) made in two shades of pink. And made out of my favorite material this month. COTTON. Cotton has a stretch to it and very easy to care for. But something about how it feels, the texture and weight of it as I work it into a scarf is so nice. I have been working a lot with very soft acrylics and wool blends, which can all be a extremely soft and silky to the touch, light weight and the colors are amazing. But cotton has captured my heart for the time being. Perhaps it could capture yours.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Contest. Scarf Giveaway!

This contest has ended.

Contest!!!  Enter the drawing to win a Custom Scarf.
Thank you so much for following my blog and my scarves. As a thank you, I thought I would have a little contest & give-away. With this contest You have the opportunity to have your name added to the hat up to 8 times. 1, 2 or 3 name entries depending on the steps you complete. The more names the better the odds you have at winning.  What will you win?
If your name is picked you will get to choose the scarf style you like made in the colors you love. Any Scarf, Any Color. As an added thank you for all you did for the drawing you will also receive a “mini me” scarflette that can be worn year round. Keep the mini me for yourself or give it away as a gift. (total value over $50 dollars)
 How to Enter the Drawing:     (your name can be entered up to 8 times total)
1st mandatory in order to get your name entered Complete ALL 3 steps
- become a follower of Raw Adventures of an Army Wife
- become a follower of The Scarf Shop blog
- become a fan of The Shop on facebook
*you will get 1 name entry when completed
- Leave a comment on all three with a link to your favorite scarf for sale on Etsy.
*you will get 2 name entries when completed
- Leave a Post on YOUR facebook wall page with a link to The Shop fanpage mentioning the contest.
*you will get 3 name entries for the facebook fanpage link (write a comment on the shop fanpage when you have done this so I can add your name(s) to the drawing)

And Finally * become a follower on Twitter
Leave a tweet that has a link to this blog about the contest. Make sure on twitter to use @tehliablogs so I know you commented and I can add your name to the drawing
*you will get 2 name entries for a tweet link on twitter
Last Cross your fingers and toes
Last chance to enter will be March 30. Drawing will take place on the morning of March 31 and the winner will be announced on this blog.

*if the winner does not claim prize by day 3, April 2, a new winner will be chosen

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Get Lucky

 Lucky Green Scarf

An exceptional scarf for spring and what better way to brighten up your wardrobe. This spring green scarf it light weight made from 100% cotton and very soft, easy to care for easy to wear. Double it up for blustery spring days, or let it hang straight for events in the office. Goes great with black, white, even purple tops, wear it day or night. Has a straight edge and a ruffled edge for a feminine flare.

Oh and be sure to not get pinched on St. Patty's Day

Colors: Split pea soup green with new leaf green.

Length 70 inches
Width 2.75 inches

Go to My Shop on Etsy and check out what other colors I have. But if you like this scarf you may want to snatch it up before someone else does. Only 1 in stock.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Give Me Fever... please

I started working on this scarf Sometime last night.
There is no why to explain this scarf with words and it is unfortunate that the silky sheen of this scarf doesn't translate through my camera. So I will have to try my best to set your imagine wheels turning. The color is a vibrant red, the manufacturers call it Crimson. Think of red red lips on Marylin Monroe and you can imagine the fires this scarf could light. A skinny scarf for any event.

I have been hearing and feeling spring slowly but surely making its way to me. And this scarf when completed would be perfect with a "little black dress" out on the town or a way to set the office ablaze against a spring inspired ensemble. But of course it doesn't end there. Wear it in the spring for a little flare, break it out again during the winter holiday months and then spice up the night for Valentine's day.

Measurements when finished should be 3.5 inches wide and 70 inches long.

Right now in my Etsy shop I have a different red scarf for sale. It is larger, made more for snuggling weather but just as red and beautiful to look at. Made of 100% cotton.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Display Me

I call it Scarf Art

I really disliked the idea of Squishing a unique creation, that was worked with heart, into an Envelope, then pushing in a card and invoice just to have it all end up wrinkled. The scarf would end up feeling like a secret buy instead of a gift for yourself. So I started to roll this Custom Order Scarf up and BOOM, the scarf almost exploded into this ball shaped flower. I was thrilled. I think I showed anyone who was in the house at the time. This was the start of a wonderful packing experience. I loved the idea that a customer would open their package and see how it was wrapped, personal tag and tissue paper. Then to open it and have an art piece in their hands. Just Thrilled.

So now all the Scarves that leave my hands are treated as Unique pieces of Art. They all have their own way of rolling up. Some turn into complete balls, others resemble old world hay bundles. And most hold together without much help other then their ruffles or loops clasping together naturally. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Say Hello Cotton Candy


This is Cotton Candy. An, oh so sweet scarf. 

I created this scarf while it was snowing out my window. I wanted to think of warm sunny spring afternoons and crisp evenings. Well finally the weather has turned just enough to make me want to break out the tanktops cute light weight jackets and this amazingly fun scarf. 

It is made from 100% cotton - white yarn, and a sports blend acrylic/cotton blend as the accent. The texture is wonderful. The cotton gives it a weight that is felt but doesn't hold you down and the pattern of the loose loops allows you to "breath". 

Measures 70 inches long and 2.75 inches wide.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I can barely explain how excited I am. Scarves are selling, people are looking and this is truly going wonderfully. All because of Friends, Fans, Family and YOU!!

This is the first of many post, just wanted to give you a few details if this is your first time in a Blogspot Blog. Everything on this page leads you somewhere, Just move your cursor over a picture and it will take you to a new site or link to another wonderful blog or etsy seller. Check it all out. Lurk and linger if you like.

But Most importantly become a Follower, leave Comments and who knows... you may be the next Featured Fan and have the opportunity to receive a custom gift.

Scarves for sale on Etsy


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