Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Display Me

I call it Scarf Art

I really disliked the idea of Squishing a unique creation, that was worked with heart, into an Envelope, then pushing in a card and invoice just to have it all end up wrinkled. The scarf would end up feeling like a secret buy instead of a gift for yourself. So I started to roll this Custom Order Scarf up and BOOM, the scarf almost exploded into this ball shaped flower. I was thrilled. I think I showed anyone who was in the house at the time. This was the start of a wonderful packing experience. I loved the idea that a customer would open their package and see how it was wrapped, personal tag and tissue paper. Then to open it and have an art piece in their hands. Just Thrilled.

So now all the Scarves that leave my hands are treated as Unique pieces of Art. They all have their own way of rolling up. Some turn into complete balls, others resemble old world hay bundles. And most hold together without much help other then their ruffles or loops clasping together naturally. 


Mrs. Lampshade said...

Truly beautiful - and I loved how the two scarves I ordered showed up in two distinct shapes. Both were beautiful! Inspires me to go through all my previously owned scarves to discover what geometric secret identity they might be hiding!

Ribbons Undone said...

Very interesting how your work did that--I am sure that it will create impact once a customer receives their item.


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