Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coffee Cozy Thing-a-ma-bob

I made these a few months ago for a, my first, wholesale order. The owner of a coffee shop was tired of seeing her Paper cozies go out the door never to return for recycling. So she asked me to make a few that would perhaps help people see that the alternative to paper is a washable reusable personal coffee sleeve.
Here is the Gallery of Cozies I made for her shop. Facebook Album.

School colors. Sports Fan. Or just your favorite color.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Custom Request *I smile everytime

I am Excited about the Custom orders I have been receiving. One Person is way ahead of the game and has completed all her Christmas Shopping buy having Custom Mini Spa sets made in every color under the Rainbow. Washcloth, Facial scrubby and Bath puff.  

The other Request is for 2 mini scarves for two very lucky little girls. These should turn out so adorable. Simple Button closures that will allow the scarves to be worn for years to come. Moving from a Scarf to Scarflette as the girls grow.

What makes custom orders so great? To me it means Someone came across my Etsy Shop and liked something so much that they just had to have it in their favorite colors. Or make it out of a particular Yarn, in a certain size or to match there kitchen. The Other thing... they trust me. I am always flattered when I receive an Email message from etsy with the words in the title of the email, "Custom request?" It always makes my day.

If this has you thinking about a scarf you saw New or Sold. A kitchen or spa set that you imagine in a different color, simple send me a message in my Etsy Shop Tehlia.com and I will be more then Happy to make it for you.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Custom Scarf Giveaway

Army Wife Living is giving away an Infinitely Cotton Scarf.
Olive Green All cotton Scarf. 

Go to Army Wife Living for the giveaway and details on how to enter.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ok it is settled

I Tried another route but I wasn't feeling it and it seemed a bit confusing to others. So I am HERE and stay HERE. Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to hear your thoughts and of course I welcome anyone who would like to follow this blog.

This blog will soon have all it's Bells and Whistles, but for now I just wanted to Introduce myself and give you a brief layout of what you can expect. 

My Name is Tehlia. I am the original Creator and Designer for Tehlia.com. I make Custom and Original Scarves and Spa items using crochet, as well as Upcycled, Re-purposed items (soon to come) All by Hand. I have been crocheting for over 10 years and as of February 2010 decided to open my first Shop on Etsy. Business has been great and I have learned a lot in this short time. One thing I have discovered is where I want my shop to go. In terms of style, product, items and meaning. When I started I just wanted to get my creations out to the public. And of course I wanted things to sell. Then I began to see that I, although small and one person, have an impact and leave a mark. That I am in complete control of what I put out into the world and want to make sure that what I produce is contributing in a better way. Whether it be Earth friendly or locally made and purchased I know I can change things in my shop and studio one scarf at a time.

So although my shop has started off a little All-Over-The-Place I have found where it needs to go. And where it will go is a work in progress. Slowly, as certain items sell, I will be replacing them with 100% Organic and Vegan, Yarns and materials. The other addition will be eco-friendly, Upcycled and Repurposed household accessories.

I plan to also feature Beautiful and Unique Handmade creations by Designers and Artists. From jewelry, art, apparel and more. There maybe a Foodie Article or two.

Beyond being artistic, crafty and constantly surrounded by what I love to do, I am also a wife to a Military Man and love him completely. My house exists as a world with two realities. One reality is The Army. Military gear everywhere, books about guns, kevlar, camouflage uniforms and of course Bacon cooking at least once a day (he is not vegan or on a rawfood diet). Then amongst all of that you will find the other world, a fridge and pantry full of Veggies, fruits, nuts and nothing processed. There is Yarn, a sewing machine, vegan and raw food cookbooks, yoga mats and a Buddha statue or two. Our Two worlds working together,  throw in love and there you have it... reality.

So, I am a 30 something former Air Force Brat, now Army Wife and I try to live life in the moment when ever the Army lets me. I am a Raw food fanatic, Yoga lady who loves creating new recipes, Scarf and home accessory designer and lets not forget Red Wine enthusiast.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Collection Opening Day

The Infinity Scarf Collection. 

Finally have enough completed to open the Section in the shop and get some posted. 
The Infinity Scarf also known as an Eternity Scarf or even a Cowl is one item that I love. Not only to make but to wear. This collection has 3 different styles. 

Infinitely Cotton is casual, All cotton. A very Soft versatile scarf that can be warm Fall, Winter and Spring. Long and loose or Looped several times to create a cowl or collar of warmth. 

Infinite Fashion has a different side. A more dressed up multiple personality Cowl or Capelet. 
Whether it is tied loose with a small bow or pulled tight creating a collar, it remains soft and cozy. I am busy working on other colors for this collection and hope to have a few more to add in just a few weeks.

And finally The Seattle. A mixture of Cotton and Cotton/silk fibers. This scarf is light weight. Perfect for Year round wear. The Seattle will make an appearance in the shop a few weeks from now. I am gathering different colors to complete this collection.
The Shop of Lovelies

Visit the Shop on Etsy or the fanpage on Facebook to see all the pictures of scarves to come


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