Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Collection Opening Day

The Infinity Scarf Collection. 

Finally have enough completed to open the Section in the shop and get some posted. 
The Infinity Scarf also known as an Eternity Scarf or even a Cowl is one item that I love. Not only to make but to wear. This collection has 3 different styles. 

Infinitely Cotton is casual, All cotton. A very Soft versatile scarf that can be warm Fall, Winter and Spring. Long and loose or Looped several times to create a cowl or collar of warmth. 

Infinite Fashion has a different side. A more dressed up multiple personality Cowl or Capelet. 
Whether it is tied loose with a small bow or pulled tight creating a collar, it remains soft and cozy. I am busy working on other colors for this collection and hope to have a few more to add in just a few weeks.

And finally The Seattle. A mixture of Cotton and Cotton/silk fibers. This scarf is light weight. Perfect for Year round wear. The Seattle will make an appearance in the shop a few weeks from now. I am gathering different colors to complete this collection.
The Shop of Lovelies

Visit the Shop on Etsy or the fanpage on Facebook to see all the pictures of scarves to come


cannedpeas! said...

beautiful work!

Housewife Bliss said...

love the blue one!

southernscraps said...

Love the colorful Seattles!

tehlia said...

Thank you all. The seattle is finally in the shop. The colors make me smile.


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