Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ok it is settled

I Tried another route but I wasn't feeling it and it seemed a bit confusing to others. So I am HERE and stay HERE. Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to hear your thoughts and of course I welcome anyone who would like to follow this blog.

This blog will soon have all it's Bells and Whistles, but for now I just wanted to Introduce myself and give you a brief layout of what you can expect. 

My Name is Tehlia. I am the original Creator and Designer for I make Custom and Original Scarves and Spa items using crochet, as well as Upcycled, Re-purposed items (soon to come) All by Hand. I have been crocheting for over 10 years and as of February 2010 decided to open my first Shop on Etsy. Business has been great and I have learned a lot in this short time. One thing I have discovered is where I want my shop to go. In terms of style, product, items and meaning. When I started I just wanted to get my creations out to the public. And of course I wanted things to sell. Then I began to see that I, although small and one person, have an impact and leave a mark. That I am in complete control of what I put out into the world and want to make sure that what I produce is contributing in a better way. Whether it be Earth friendly or locally made and purchased I know I can change things in my shop and studio one scarf at a time.

So although my shop has started off a little All-Over-The-Place I have found where it needs to go. And where it will go is a work in progress. Slowly, as certain items sell, I will be replacing them with 100% Organic and Vegan, Yarns and materials. The other addition will be eco-friendly, Upcycled and Repurposed household accessories.

I plan to also feature Beautiful and Unique Handmade creations by Designers and Artists. From jewelry, art, apparel and more. There maybe a Foodie Article or two.

Beyond being artistic, crafty and constantly surrounded by what I love to do, I am also a wife to a Military Man and love him completely. My house exists as a world with two realities. One reality is The Army. Military gear everywhere, books about guns, kevlar, camouflage uniforms and of course Bacon cooking at least once a day (he is not vegan or on a rawfood diet). Then amongst all of that you will find the other world, a fridge and pantry full of Veggies, fruits, nuts and nothing processed. There is Yarn, a sewing machine, vegan and raw food cookbooks, yoga mats and a Buddha statue or two. Our Two worlds working together,  throw in love and there you have it... reality.

So, I am a 30 something former Air Force Brat, now Army Wife and I try to live life in the moment when ever the Army lets me. I am a Raw food fanatic, Yoga lady who loves creating new recipes, Scarf and home accessory designer and lets not forget Red Wine enthusiast.

2 comments: said...

Very good.

Hilary said...

Love it......isn't it interesting living with someone who eats like so totally different from you?
Beautiful scarves.


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