Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Work Space Smirkspace

Doing my daily rounds this morning -  Coffee, breakfast for the Soldier and then dishes, followed by email, facebook fanpage updates, checking etsy and then twitter. Wash and Repeat.

While on twitter today, saying good morning and seeing what friends have to share I came across Froggy Girl Designs and a new Blog post and link up that she is doing called Dishin' About Business. A way to share and inspire the creative Handmade Business ideas, work spaces, issues and tips. This weeks Dish, what does your work space REALLY look like and how do you stay creative?

Well My work space is a little different then most. Whether I am about to create a New scarf, picking out colors for the next washcloth set or Planning this Falls Scarf collection, I start off on the floor.

Yes this is my room I call is my Studio. No chairs, just the floor
I do have a desk (see next picture) but really that might only hold the laptop while I watch a soap or TV show on Hulu and a few odds and ends as well as a buddha statue and finished products before labels get added. So the Floor is were I work best. I purchased a plastic mat that was meant to be under a treadmill or exercise equipment, But I saw it as a place to lay out my yarn with out worry of getting carpet *stuff, fuzz what not, on the yarn or newly finished items.

The Floor allows me to spread out, draw up plans and sketch out ideas on a Dry erase board. I can see all my projects at once. Which I usually have three or four going at one time. Along with custom orders and the next great idea looming in another corner. 

I have tried to work at my desk but I feel boxed in and pulled away from my Yarn and paper. I like to be in the thick of it. That is what keeps me motivated and coming back for more. It's like being a writer, in order to be a writer you must write. Well to have a handmade business you must create and doing it daily, in some form, is a great way to stay motivated. For me being on the floor helps me with that. Keeps me in touch with what I do.

The hardest part about Owning your own Handmade business, You are a one woman show.  My room is a self contained, production studio, photography studio, labeling and packaging world. So once an item is finished I stretch over to a small table, set up my Items and take pictures. I then plug my camera into my computer and while waiting for pictures to load I start in on the  next crocheted item. When my fingers get tired from crocheting I edit the photos and when my eyes start to see double or I can't tell whether it is a great angle I return to my yarn. And don't worry I don't crawl around to do all of this, there are random moments of more coffee or tea getting, some yoga poses and impromptu dancing to a random 80's song that pops on the radio. Plus, lunch for the soldier when he gets home along with Laundry, dusting, dinner and more emails. Not to mention a blog post and visit to the post office. Did I mention I was a one woman show?

Hope you join the link up and share your creative space with us.


Whimsical Creations said...

LOL, I can so relate! My workspace is my dining room table.

Spike said...

Your posts are inspiring! I myself am trying to get something going on my own so I can rid myself of "real" work and enjoy what I do for a living. Oh how I love to craft & be with my family. I seen you have posts on starting up with etsy and cannot wait to read them! Thanks so much for your inspiration!! I just started my own blog (literally just yesterday was my first post)but I can't wait to see it grow. Stop by and check it out sometime if your interested. http://asmallsliceofheaven.blogspot.com/

Housewife Bliss said...

I always pictured you curled up on the sofa with coffee beside you, draped in wool...the floor? when I take up crochet can I sit on the sofa? I am not sure I can do the floor....but so pleased to peak behind your curtains darling.

Little T said...

HWbliss, Too funny, of course you can sit on the sofa. :) The big work and planning happen on the floor. Coffee and Emails happen on the couch with great blankets for company.


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