Friday, July 23, 2010

This Could Get Messy

I am trying to start a Collection.

It feels like a big word. A word that I only know to use for fashions done by a designer say for the fall/winter season of a certain year. Something exclusive and something beautiful with a theme or idea that ties them all together. So I am going to attempt to do a Collection. A work of fashion and design. All while trying to hold off on putting any of them in the shop until all the pieces are ready. Wish me luck.

But I will give some sneak peaks and glimpses in this process that is a first for me. One thing I need to figure out is what to call this Collection. It involves natural products, organic yarns and the shape of a cowl-infinity-eternity (what ever you wish to call it) Scarf. I would love to hear any ideas you may have for a name, who knows maybe it could be a contest. Thinking about that. But while I think, here is the first half of the first Infinity Scarf

For the first Infinity Scarf I settled on Natural Organic Undyed Cotton.
*This Scarf will be apart of the Fall winter collection for 2010

To see more photos of this Scarf visit the Fanpage album on face book.

The Girl Creative


Leigha said...

How exciting! Just popped over from Housewife Bliss. Looking forward to seeing the collection...

Housewife Bliss said...

I am so delighted that :Leigh popped over, and I love the Girl Creative, great site!, I want to know what wool that is, I love the colour.

Little T said...

Hi Leigha thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to unveil the entire collection.

HWBliss, It is All cotton yarn. The color is a natural Undyed cotton, technical name Ecru. Depending on brands and regions, the color can very from a grey oatmeal color to a very very light beige or Khaki off white color. I Love cotton, favorite material to work with, the texture is so nice.


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