Sunday, July 18, 2010

Custom orders

Sorry for the absence and lack of Etsy Treasury Finds.

My excuse... Custom orders. Three to be exact and I am loving every minute. Although when I first opened my shop I was a little apprehensive to take on Custom orders. How would I quote a price and How would I know what to do? Well that fear went out the window when I was first contacted and now when the requests come in I am just as excited as the first. A key part to custom orders is Communication and asking lots and I mean LOTS of questions. 

My fear (before I actually received a custom request) was that I would translate what was being asked of me wrong. But when it happened I found that I naturally wanted to please and know EXACTLY what they wanted.

The most recent custom orders have been so great to come across. One order that was recently mailed out was a custom scarf, 100% cotton and ORGANIC. Jen from Itty Bitty Bag on etsy had an exact color and scarf style that she liked but kindly asked if I could make it in Organic cotton. Of course I jumped at it. Working with Organic Cotton was a dream and I am hoping to convert my entire shop over.

Custom order Coffee Cup Cozies

But doing that will have to wait for two reasons. I received my First Wholesale order. For a coffee shop in Washington. Coffee cup cozies and I am so Excited. She only asked that I include a variety but to make sure I get the local High schools colors in. And the Other was a Scarf, one of my very first custom scarves, Wrap me in bacon, has come up again and looks like I a making two versions of that mind boggling work of wearable art/breakfast delight.
Custom order Wrap me in BACON

Moral of this story. Don't fear custom orders. Only great things can happen.


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Love that bacon neat!


Little T said...

Thanks Kim. It was interesting to make.


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