Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting started on Etsy part2

Part 2 of Getting started on Etsy. 

You have found Your Etsy name (from part 1). You shouted it from the roof tops and have gotten your friends involved. Now to building your Shop. First would be your Policies and Profile. 

When I first started I didn't have much. I had simple policies, paypal payments, shipping and return options. Very simple and very short. But as items sold and as I came across small things that could have happened but didn't I decided to put more detail into my policies. I didn't want to make it overly complicated but I wanted it to be clear and cover most scenarios. I also Copied that entire page and include it in my invoice that gets sent with the item to the customer. The biggest thing I left out, explaining that Handmade items can have unique attributes and inconsistencies. Second to that was My custom order return policy. You can decide what is best for you. But for myself I decided that once production and deliver was done there would not be returns on Custom orders.

With my Profile I was mixed up a bit. I had half of my profile on the Announcement page and then the other half written in my actual profile. The Profile was pretty plain just explaining my items and how long I had been making things. Once I realize I was too spread out I condensed the Profile page and included a bit of a personal touch to it. But with all things I am still working on it. 

The great thing about getting my front page, Announcement space, cleared up I was able to put information that was meant to go there. Announce new items, sales or a little blurp about a particular product. It also made it short enough so that when you first come to the page you could see my featured items just enough to know that you can scroll down further on the page. Now I present myself with a challenge everytime I change the announcement to see how small I can make it but with enough detail you want to see the start of the store. 

So watch your spelling, make small changes and put the bulk of your info in your profile and policies. Let people get to the reason they came to your shop. To Shop!!!

*Just a small note. I don't claim to be an expert just giving you what I have found and tried or learned as of yet.


Mommy Moxie said...

Thanks for these posts about getting started on Etsy! I am just getting my shop up and going and am a little...overwhelmed. These really help!!

tehlia said...

Glad I could help. Only 6 months into it myself, but I figure if I stumbled on some things others might to and why not share it. Thanks for coming by and Following the New blog. I appreciate it so much.


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