Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting started on Etsy

When I first found Etsy I was apprehensive about starting my own shop. I had never really gone off and done something this Big. Putting what I create out there for the world to judge and see, was a huge step for me.

Once I got over the scary side of it all, with the help of an encouraging husband, family and friends I jumped right in.

The first thing I did was talk about it on Facebook, too friends and family there. I guess I was just putting out feelers. And of course with family and friends they were ecstatic about this new adventure. Then I looked at the calender, put my finger on a date and shouted it from the roof tops that My store would open. This for me made it real. Made it something I was committing to, that if I didn't do it I would be telling all those people they were wrong for thinking I was great. So date on the wall, in annoucements on facebook and then I created my Etsy account.

I didn't think to far into my name for the etsy shop. I hadn't quite settled on what Exactly the shop would be focused on, Would it stay Crocheted or move into a different direction. So to be safe I just used my Name. Not realizing that Dirty Joe Soaps would come about or the Household lovelies side of the shop either. But I am glad I didn't Name it Scarves and things.

But you all know most of this by now. I am writing this post and hope to make it a regular feature due to a few friends taking a leap of their own and starting Etsy shops. They ask for advice on little things and we have been sharing tips that we come across with one another. So I thought I would use a day a week on here to share the info with everyone else.

Step One...  Other then thinking about an amazing name, would be spread the word.
If you haven't started your Etsy shop yet but are close to doing so... Start Talking. Talking to friends, family, anyone who will listen. Tell them about it, your art and your future shop. This at least gets your foot in the water and gives you more enforcement to keep talking and one day start doing.


Avery Gerner said...

You've got an amazing gift with crocheting, and starting your own Etsy business is truly the right choice. How's your business so far? Do you plan on putting up a shop aside from running your online store?

tehlia said...

Business is going well, this post was written over a yr ago to encourage others to try to it. Last holiday season was great. Etsy has changed a few things this year which has made the online selling experience easier for some and harder for others. But things are still going well. Thank so much for stopping by. I have a new blog (location) on wordpress and starting Today's Handmade. At this time I don't plan on having a brick and mortar shop, like not having the overhead.


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