Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oranges and Avocados

Orange you glad I didn't say Avocado?

Created this etsy treasury with those two colors. Some combined and others just the basic colors on their own. I started with a search for all things orange until I came across this pendent Made by Sparkle Peach
The softness of the colors with the orange I like and a deep grey green reminding me of avocados.
On the hunt for something orange What better then a Flower. This Pumpkin colored Rosette hair clip made by The Mustard Seed Co caught my eye. Loved that is was displayed in a picture frame.
I have been thinking of Felting but have so many other things going on, I felt *wink, I should leave it to the Professionals. Here is an Avocado colored Felt Bowl 
And fantastically enough it has Orange on it as well.
And finally the very last Item I found tugged at my heart after just losing my little Man Jeffery Dog I saw this and couldn't resist. Emily Chen Of MChen created this Woof 8x10 print and Well he is just adorable.

Come by The etsy treasury and see all the beautiful colors.


Jen @ The Itty Bitty Bag Company said...

Love it! So so pretty. I love the felted wool too.

Little T said...

Thanks for stopping by Jen. It was really fun to make this one. Reaching out for things that weren't so obvious.


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