Monday, August 30, 2010

Custom Request *I smile everytime

I am Excited about the Custom orders I have been receiving. One Person is way ahead of the game and has completed all her Christmas Shopping buy having Custom Mini Spa sets made in every color under the Rainbow. Washcloth, Facial scrubby and Bath puff.  

The other Request is for 2 mini scarves for two very lucky little girls. These should turn out so adorable. Simple Button closures that will allow the scarves to be worn for years to come. Moving from a Scarf to Scarflette as the girls grow.

What makes custom orders so great? To me it means Someone came across my Etsy Shop and liked something so much that they just had to have it in their favorite colors. Or make it out of a particular Yarn, in a certain size or to match there kitchen. The Other thing... they trust me. I am always flattered when I receive an Email message from etsy with the words in the title of the email, "Custom request?" It always makes my day.

If this has you thinking about a scarf you saw New or Sold. A kitchen or spa set that you imagine in a different color, simple send me a message in my Etsy Shop and I will be more then Happy to make it for you.

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