Friday, March 19, 2010

Wrap Me in Bacon, Scarf

How The Bacon Scarf Began

On My facebook fanpage I had a message.  "I have seen many bacon scarves, but I especially like your style with the ruffly edges...wondering if you could design a bacon-esque scarf with lovely burgundy/pinks etc...?" in messages later... something feminine and pink, that I could wear almost year round.

Many messages and questions later I began to work. Bacon is a very complex creature, especially when trying to make Yarn Look like the most loved breakfast food. This lover of Bacon has also Started her own blog about the salty goodness of this sublime swine product.

I had always considered myself to be an artistic person but never thought of myself as a sculptor or much beyond paints, as an artist. And not to sound like I am bragging but I feel like I must just a little in terms of this project. I am sculpting Yarn into Food and it is looking AMAZING!!!  However it is kicking me BUTT :) I am going for realism with pinks and I have to say I love it. Once complete it will measure 70inches by 6inches at its widest point. I hope to hear that she loves it. 

Halfway Finished
Wrap Me in Bacon


Jen Phillips said...
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Jen Phillips said...

Oh I am loving it, it looks beautiful! You are amazingly talented my dear!!

Little T said...

GREAT!! I am really excited about it


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