Monday, March 15, 2010

Scarf Great Moment

Pretty Pink

The most fun I have while creating a Scarf, is when it is a Custom Order. Not certain what makes it greater then when making my other scarves. Perhaps it is because I know for sure that someone wants it, will love it and will be 100% ecstatic to have it. Pretty Pink was a custom color change. It is similar in size and length to the Lucky Green but (obviously) made in two shades of pink. And made out of my favorite material this month. COTTON. Cotton has a stretch to it and very easy to care for. But something about how it feels, the texture and weight of it as I work it into a scarf is so nice. I have been working a lot with very soft acrylics and wool blends, which can all be a extremely soft and silky to the touch, light weight and the colors are amazing. But cotton has captured my heart for the time being. Perhaps it could capture yours.

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