Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Quality Control Manager

My Husband has taken on the title of Quality Control in the Spa Department

I LOVE making these amazing washcloths and spa sets. My Husband got really excited about them too. Don't tell him you know, but he loves to take baths. If given the chance he would take a bath every hour. To bad he has to work and be all Army guy most of the day. So when I made my first washcloth he had to test it out. Now if he, who is rough on most things didn't break this cloth, then you have to know it is strong. But don't be fooled, his tough exterior only makes him that much more sensitive. The Big O said he loved the texture and how it was soft on his skin. 

Then came the Bath Puff. Loved this part. The Big O put a huge dollop of liquid soap on it scrubbed it with his hands and then started cleaning. He was asking me questions as he bathed, yelling from the tub...


"So this is the same as those Plastic puff things?"
yes the same in design.
"But those things start to smell."
Yes they do
"So if this is yarn we can wash them in a few days?"
Exactly. Wash them and put them in the drier. That way they get clean and won't have that smell the Nylon Puffs get. 
Then splashing and bubbles continued. It was nice to see The Big O take an interest in my craft, even if it was for more selfish reasons. He thoroughly enjoyed his bath.

Product Info:
All Washcloths are 100% Cotton and made for body bath or Kitchen.
They range in size from 7.75 inches up to 8 inches square. The Spa set comes with 6 items. The washcloth sets come with 4 cloths. 
They make amazing gifts for any occasion. Custom made, completely handmade. Soft and durable. Perfect for Mom or Mom to be. Babies and anyone who loves quality and sustainability. Replace those smelly sponges and Nylon puffs with a Machine washable, reusable Household Lovely.

Our Army Life is chronicled in another blog: Raw Adventures of an Army Wife

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Jessica said...

OH My! I love this post. Your husband is hilarious. I'm definitely going to have to check out the shop. I may get some of the wash clothes for my sister-in-law who's pregnant. Wow, a bath puff that you can wash... I may get one for myself!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I really like the positioning in your photos - and that your husband loves baths!

Little T said...

Thanks Megan, Blogger makes it hard to know exactly where they will end up. I do go back after posting and reposition a few things.

Jessica, he cracks me up :) Do check out the shop. I can also custom make the washcloths with a color of your choosing, just let me know.

Megan Carroll said...

I was going to say something smart assed ... but then thought better of it.

The wash clothes and scrubby look great!

Little T said...

Megan Carroll. I can see you now... deleting what you originally wrote.

Tara said...

Thanks for dropping by! Y'all are Army too? We were at Ft. Benning for 3 years, now we're back home in TX at Ft. Sam Houston.

I'm adding you to my blogroll!

Little T said...

Hi Tara. Yep Army. Small world. We are in Kentucky right now. looking at moving soon though.

Regina said...

Love your work...I'm jealous..LOL!!!
I all my 40+ years of being an artist I have never been able to knit or crochet. Washcloths are very hubby would love them too. I do think that the toughies love their baths but shhhhhh we shouldn't tell that huh? ^_^

Thank you for stopping by my whimsical world..hope you come back soon and look around more.


BLJ Graves Studio said...

Loving your washcloths. A friend gave me some dishcloths very similiar to your washcloths and I love them.

Little T said...

They are great. Fun to work with and make. and then so nice to use. Feels good knowing I don't have to buy a sponge and then throw it out. The cloths will out last any sponge.

Shamrocks and Shenanigans said...

Oooh they are sooo cute!

tag! youre it! oh and I love your other blog!


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