Monday, May 3, 2010

The Derby Weekend

Derby weekend, Rain, parties and projects.

Huge thunderstorms, flash flooding and so much more. But The Race Must Go On!!!

The Big O and I went to a friends house Saturday for the Big Derby party and a 4 year olds birthday party as well.

Our Friend Mrs. C had made an amazing Derby hat, Red flowering extravaganza, paired with the prettiest white sundress, yellow shrug and a red rose broach pinned the waist of the dress. Only disappointing thing... I forgot my camera. Hoping she posts a picture very soon so I can "borrow" it to show you all how lovely she looked.

Soon the Newly turned 4 year olds party was over Little C had a blast and I was really excited to give her my gift. She has discovered painting and art. Little C really connects with what she is doing so I ran with that and gave her a pack of small canvas squares with paints of her own. She even has an easel set up downstairs in an Art studio in the House. Very lucky little girl.

This was my first Derby anything, party, watching and of course drinking. It was all the excitement of the Super Bowl. Food and drinks over flowing, betting and commercial watching. Then the race began and as soon as it started it was over. But the party continued on along with the good Cheer.

My project this weekend, other then watching several Million dollars run around a track was to create 4 Bath Puffs.

This Custom Order was for 2 sage green puffs and 2 black with beige puffs. Very excited to mail them out.

Derby photos from This Site. Great pictures and a few celebrities.

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