Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's in a Name?

The Shop has Officially gotten a Domain Name. The Shop of Lovelies . com . I am so excited. But in getting that name I had to change a few things to include a lot of photos and fliers that I had already printed up for a show I am doing in June. My excitement sometimes get the best of me. But here is what the Etsy Banner looks like...

Then in the midst of all the excitement about the shop and my first public showing, my dad is visiting. So I am hoping to show him around my new home and state while entertaining him a bit and balancing this whole new world of Entreprenuer Etsy Handmade and Blogging business thing. But I love it and my father is so excited for me and my newest adventure.

All of this excitement has seemed to spark an even bigger fire of creating. The latest is Laundry soap, among the washcloths that are moving along and the scarves that are getting attention. Oh and a great person The Mother, as she calls herself, from Little Boy Green has asked if I would like to place an Etsy Badge on her blog. She was intregued with my Reusable, machine washable washcloths and felt it went right along with her theme of creating a better world for her son and all of us together. She has great stories, lots of humor and life challenge of helping LBG (little boy green, her son) with his sensitive skin. She was also the push I needed and Supplier of the recipe I am using for my laundry soap obsession, To really get my house moving further in the Handmade Homemade, more efficient and money saving place. Can't wait to test out my New Laundry Soap it smells So Amazing.

And lastly, Washcloths are popping up in truly amazing colors. Here are a few new pictures of them in all their Glory.


Megan Carroll said...

Love the new colours, am going to try the soap...!

Carrie said...

I'm very curious about this laundry soap. Where can I find the recipe? Can I put in a custom order for some bath poofs too? I need 4. Pink, Lime, blue, and red.

Little T said...

Of course you can Carrie.

Once I figure out my "signature scent" I will get it to you ;)


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