Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Organic Shapes Made From Hemp

I purchased some Hemp Twine yesterday and stared at it for some time before I took a hook to it. I knew I wanted to work with it but I had no idea what it would become. Another minute passed and I picked it up with a larger hook and began working in a circle. Thinking to myself...

"This could be a bowl, a little decorative thing, misshapen and art like
or what about a sweet little coaster."

At first I thought a coaster might be to simple. It might be something that people would just go to Cost Plus (World Market) or Pier One. It might not be something that sells.

Then I started to take a few pictures of them and decided they looked good. They had character that a machine can't produce and are not only unique due to the non use of patterns but also organic and natural in material and shape.

Making a few more sets and then adding these Organic Coasters to the shop.

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