Friday, January 28, 2011

Vegan Valentine, why cotton?

Why not cotton?
The reason I choose to work with mostly if not all cotton is personal. When I first started crocheting I began with a blanket for my unborn nephew and I chose Cotton. Searching through all the yarn and touching each roll I kept going back to the cotton section. Kept touching it and even holding a roll as I walked back to the other yarn sections. 
I love the way it feels smells and works. I tried, about a year ago, to use wool, alpaca blends and other blends I loved the colors they came in and some of the different textures. But the one thing I didn't like, it turned me into an alpaca when I was done working, hairs and fibers all over me and my studio. The other issue, I was left a little itchy. So I stopped working with it. And decided if it bothers me then it must bother other people. So my shop inadvertently became vegan. *many people have wool allergies
My favorite cotton of course is organic and that can be pricey. But the quality, look, feel and smell, yes smell its subtle but there, is one hundred times better. Getting my shop into 100% organic is a challenge. The bright colors I love don't always come in organic cottons. So I try when I can to work it into my designs and scarves. But for now you can know that animal blends will not be in my shop.

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