Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The New Soap On A Rope

Rose pink cozy
I love using bar soap, all natural vegetable bar soap. And I have always liked having a good and constant lather of soap on my washcloth. 

I would wrap the cloth around the soap like a little gift wrapped package. The soap would slip out fall on the tub floor with a thud and I would repeat the process.  

White Soap Cozy

Some people call them Soap... Cozies, savers, pouches. I call it genius. Not my own genius there are many options out there in turns of a cozy for your soap. 

Mine have an added touch of detail with a slight ruffle when the drawstring is pulled tight. The draw string is long enough to place around your wrist. 

Black and Grey Cozy

Never experiencing the Soap drop again. Once bath time is over hang the cozy from the spout or knobs in the shower and let it air dry.

For all the Cozy Madness
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Chrissy said...

Very cute! Love the idea!

Zibeline Knits said...

Love your cozies! They look just like my knitted cozies, only mine are seamless with a rounded bottom. Very nicely done!

tehlia said...

Mine are "seamless" as well. I Start with a Rectangular bottom and work my way up. Slight variance with each because I don't use patterns. Then I add a draw string. That is one of the things I love about crochet or knitting. We can make things in one continues line.


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