Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Holiday, A Party and A Lot of Love.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. The Shop hit a huge milestone... 150 Sales!!!!

I was ecstatic but I didn't have my Soldier to share in the celebration. This week however I was given the best gift. A Full week with my husband. Cold outside, warm cozy hotel to lounge in and lots of time and laughs. Being a Military spouse gives you a different perspective on time... apart, together and all the rest that we call marriage. So I am taking every minute and holding it close.
The Shop is still in full swing, amazing scarves and washsets, but being in a hotel makes it hard to mail out orders mostly because my full stock is in another state for a few more days. One thing is definite, all this love and happiness is brewing great ideas for the upcoming "holiday". Yep I am going to say it. Valentine's Day.

Reds, Pinks and lavenders are on the way. New spa sets and pretty little things to give the loves in your life.

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