Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Items and a New shop

The past 6 months have been a whirlwind of ups and downs and a lot of moving. My Husband who is in the Army and was Deployed to Afghanistan came home after only being gone for 3 months due to an explosion. He is getting better with every passing day. And with that came upheavals, stress questions, worry and slowing down on the shop and life in general. 

As everyday passed that my husband started to recover so did my creative juices and finding that a new (additional) shop with a new start and new items that had been created out of a darker time needed to spring up. The New shop is called The Forks and carries handmade items for Kitchen and Home.
Coasters and Tea Towels with handmade prints and designs
The Forks, the name for the hopeful farm and business came about quite simply. A few years back a person bent a fork creating a cuff and gave it to his friend. Then slowly all his friends had a fork. The forks became a bonding, a link, a reminder. Great times, friends and places. Years have gone by and although there is land or oceans separating us, the forks are still bound together. What better way to honor friendship and memories then to name a dream after something cherished. 

The Forks Farm also has a Blog chronicling the process of dreaming and planning a small family farm as well as cultivating a business from scratch. is still going and will be adding new items very soon. From Fiber Jewelry, organic Spa items, to one of a kind baby beanies.


Nesty Girl said...

Hey There! I'm so happy to see a post from you; I've often wondered how you and your husband were doing. I'm glad to hear that he is improving. I can't wait to check out the kitchen shop!

tehlia said...

Hello Great to hear from you :) Hope your summer is going well.

I have been pretty absent. It's hard to find time to write and take care of him while trying to get a shop off the ground. We don't have children but in a way I have turned into a super "soccer mom"(he isn't a child) but I have turned into a shuttle service taking him to this or that activity, work, appointments. Doesn't leave much time to write. But now with a move and more normalcy in the house things are picking up again.


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