Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making things happen

I Made It!!!

This week I have been perfecting Laundry detergent making.
The great search for all the items was in the end, easy. Once I realized that I could use any All Natural Vegetable based Soap the hunt was over. The detergent was the topping of the cake for me. The past few weeks I have been trying to save money and be more thrifty, frugal and inventive with my everyday cleaning. Here is the recipe and grand adventure that lead to Homemade ALL natural Laundry Soap.

First Making Washcloths. I crochet Scarves and sell on etsy. Recently I started to create Washcloth sets. Hoping to save myself money and get rid of the sponge in the Kitchen sink but also to add to my Shop of Lovelies...
Then the Laundry soap happened. Why make these lovely things to only have them ruined with residue build up and chemical soaps.

1 cup Borax

 1 cup Washing Soda

 1 Bar of soap, grated with a cheese grater or food procesor

Then in a container mix all ingredients together. You will only need 1 scoop of detergent 1 TBSP Only.

I have a front loading machine and it (powdered) work great and cleans so amazingly. Everything comes out so fresh and Clean. Even My Husbands Army Uniforms which are usually covered in Dirt and gun powder. This soap is gentle enough for babies yet tough enough for soldiers.

Can't wait to think of a clever name and add it to my shop of lovelies 

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Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Great washcloths...I love the patterns and colors! :)


Atasha said...

I love your washcloths. I too made them in addition to scrubbies for the bath. I have the hardest time getting my husband to ditch the yucky sponge at the kitchen sink though :-)

I'm heading over to your store to peep your pretties and thanks for sharing.

Maries Cottage said...

These are gorgeous washcloths!!! Lovely, I enjoy making my own detergent as well!

Maries Cottage said...

ha ha this is great, I think we commented on each other's post at the same time, too funny!!! love your blog!

Angie said...

Wow! Those are really pretty wash cloths.

I crochet but never really thought to make wash cloths and scrubbies.

I will have to try making my own detergent when this one runs out, I never realized it was so easy...although most hand made cleaners really are!

Thanks for sharing,

Kiki said...

Super charming and gorgeous cloths..and scarves..all your stuff is fabulous! great post! Happy Friday!

The Thrifty Designer said...

Pretty washcloths! I've made that laundry soap before - love it. I used Fels Naptha instead of the Dr Bronners, I think I will try it with the Bronners next time.

Little T said...

Great to meet you all

I am really excited about the next few months. But especially for the next holiday season, never been more happy to want cold weather. This will be my first holiday season on etsy.

Thrifty designer... I was going to use fels but the Ingredient list was to vague I liked how straight forward Dr. Bronner's and even Kirks Castile Soaps are. But I use any all natural, Veg oil based soaps. I Think you will like dr. B's just as well.

Nesty Girl said...

These washcloths are very pretty! I have been looking been for castile soap but the only ones I've found up here are scented; does that make a difference?

Little T said...

The scents don't make much of a difference. They small amazing in the powder but once washed because there is no residue left the clothes ONLY smell clean, not scented. I am using a lavender soap right now, Smells amazing, but once out of the drier no scent.

The bonus I forgot to mention, You won't need fabric softener or drier sheets. The soap does it all.

Housewife Bliss said...

darling wash cloths! thanks for linking to the Fab Nest Friday, have a great weekend.

Whimsical Creations said...

How awesome!! Love the dishcloths. And that is fantastic about the soap. There are so many chemicals in store bought laundry detergent.


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