Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Newest

I have to say this week has been amazing and it is only half over. I can't believe what wonderful friends, family and fans I have. Truly grateful. 

This weekend was a moment of new creations and new memories.  The best one was completing an item and posting it on Etsy Sunday afternoon and having it Sold Wednesday Morning. Things are grand. The set was a Spa set that I pondered over for quite some time. The question was pattern. Whether to have a stripe, two stripes, no stripes or all stripes. Nothing was coming, so I stopped thinking and started crocheting.

Washcloths were something I knew I wanted in the Set. But what else, Facial cloths or a bath puff, what about a hand towel? Still working on the washcloth when I settled on Facial Scrubbies and a hand towel. The Hand towel came out great with a stripe on either end, I was so happy with the texture.

Then the facial scrubbies. What a fun thing to create. Sweet circles of Cottony goodness. I wanted them to be small enough to handle but large enough to get the job done. That apparently felt right at about 2.5 inches wide. And to my delight the texture was outstanding. One side was smooth and great for wiping away eye make-up, the other textured side perfect exfoliating. 

The best part was noticing that Cotton balls were never going to be purchased in my home again. The entire set is machine washable and Dry. And the facial scrubbies got better and better with every use and wash.


Megan Carroll said...

I love working stuff out on the fly...

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Great color combination! I never thought about making a hand towel...yours looks fabulous!



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