Monday, November 15, 2010

Stay Put or Leave...

My husband is in the Army and getting ready for a deployment... meaning he will be gone, we will be apart for over a year. And with that huge obstacle we have made a few decisions about "what to do with me". We laugh cause its like trying to figure out who will be dog sitting. We discussed whether I would stay "home" which at the time is Kentucky or if I would go "home" which really isn't my home but is where most of my immediate family lives. It was a lot to decide.

Stay put with all our things and house, but be alone without my husband or move to my sisters, out of my home, away from most of my creature comforts and bed, but have company and family for support. So we have decided that the best (not easiest) thing to do was go home.

As Thanksgiving approaches and the busy holiday shopping picks up, I am knee deep in paper to wrap dishes and sorting through clothes to take, box or give away. My husbands gear is spread out amongst the chaos and scarf orders are getting mailed. I just wish there was a way to freeze time and keep him with me longer as well as put all these boxes in a corner and never need them.

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Chrissy said...

Oh, I can hardly imagine what you are going through right must be so hard...but you made a great and brave decision! You will need your family! They will support you when it gets tough! Good luck and lots of strength for the time being apart! I think it's awesome...the sacrifices you make as an Army wife!!


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